Honoring Veterans

We are very grateful to the men and women who protect and preserve our freedoms.

Benefits of Choosing an Independent Cemetery

Many veterans choose to be interred in a perpetual care cemetery that is not operated by the government. Why veterans and their families choose us:

  • Buried near family members and loved ones.
  • Opportunity to select a space
  • Buried near family members and loved ones.
  • Able to be present at graveside during burial

  • Opportunity to select a space
  • Options for final resting places of cremated remains
  • Choice of service time and date
  • Options for mausoleum entombment

Every Veteran Receives:

  • FREE Cemetery space
  • Wooden flag case
  • American and TN state flag display
  • Lapel pins for service attendees (50)
  • Military honors
  • Funeral coach – Service medallions
  • Life Celebration memorial package
  • Video of Remembrance
  • Memorial keepsake and pendant

Every Veteran AND Spouse Receives:

  • Greater options for memorialization
  • Preneed discounts on mausoleums and niches
  • Preneed discount on memorials, including granite bases for government supplied bronze
  • Beautifully landscaped, perpetual care gardens

A Value of over $2,500

Honoring the Flag

At the time of a veteran’s death, if the family chooses cremation, permission will be sought for an unusable flag to drape that veteran for disposal in the most dignified manner.
Upon receipt of the cremated remains of their veteran, the family will receive a certificate stating the last deed of service for that flag was to drape their veteran in the cremation process. Unusable flags may be donated to the funeral home any day of the week.

Every life has a story…We honor each one.