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Published: September 12, 2022
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One of the biggest decisions you and your family will have to make regarding the funeral of your loved one is where and how your loved one will be buried. It may not seem like something that should be hard to decide, but it is important to know that you have options to choose from. If one of the more traditional options does not suit you, or you don’t feel that they truly represent who your loved one was, you can choose another method that you like more. Whatever you decide, it is important that you know all there is to know about it. If you and your family are looking to learn more about different types of internment options, you should get in touch with cremation services in Goodlettsville, TN. They would love to help you answer any of the questions you have regarding different internment options.

What Is an Internment Option?

An internment option is another way of saying how you are going to bury a loved one. The good thing about interment options is that there is no right or wrong one to choose. These are something that you should take time to consider, and then make your choice when you are truly ready to do so.

How Will I Know Which Option Is Best for Me?

There are plenty of options to choose from. If there is an option you feel better suits you than any other for whatever reason, you should choose that one. Make sure that you do all the research you need before making your selection.

Types of Internment Options

Traditional – The traditional option for internment is the one that most people will be familiar with. This is the option of having a regular funeral that ends with a burial in a cemetery. There is nothing wrong with this option. It has been sued for years, and it has remained popular for a reason.

Mausoleum – A mausoleum is like a traditional method, but the difference is that you can have a mausoleum that belongs to your family. This way you and your family members will all be buried together. It is important to know that this option will be a bit more in price than others. But it is an option you can choose.

Cremation – most people will know about cremation. What makes it an interment option is that after you have cremated your loved one, you can put their ashes in an urn. and if you want, you can have that urn buried or placed in a mausoleum. If that is something you feel would suit you, then you should consider this option. Cremation is often much cheaper than a traditional funeral.

Green Burial/Natural – A green burial option is meant to be better for the environment than a regular funeral. There will be a different casket, no formaldehyde used, and even different clothing may be used. If your loved one was big on keeping the environment healthy, then this option may be the one for you.

What’s wonderful about all these options is that no one is better than the other. If you would like to choose one, you can talk to cremation services in Goodlettsville, TN. They would love to help you with everything you are looking for that's who we are.



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