Advance Planning

grandmother for siteThe idea behind funeral planning is simply that one day a great deal of vital information about you will be needed by your family and anyone whose responsibility it is to assist them.

Ask yourself what would happen, who would be contacted and what decisions would they face?

There’s no doubt that those who plan ahead are more comfortable knowing not only that their personal wishes will be fulfilled, but also that unnecessary difficulties can be avoided.

The first step is contacting one of our Family Service Counselors, call today to start the conversation and learn more about your options.

6 Reasons To Plan

  • Planning today allows you to plan together.
  • Protects your family by planning at a lower cost.
  • Allows your family to focus on the celebration of your life, rather than pressing and unfamiliar tasks.
  • Gives you and your family peace of mind.
  • Provides information needed by The State of Tennessee.
  • Reduces confusion and conflict with family members.

Family Service Counselor

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Allan Legard

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Customer Review

Kim P.

There aren't enough words to describe the level of care, understanding, and guidance my family and I received from the first day my husband and I sat and made all of our arrangements when we discovered his illness in 2019, to the final day and the trip to the cemetery.

I can never thank them enough. They made me smile, they let me cry, but through it all they made me feel like I was a member of their own family!

THANK YOU!!!! I can feel good knowing when my time comes my children / grandchildren will be made to feel the same way and will receive the same guidance and understanding as I did!