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Service Arrangements Related to Funeral and Cremation in Gallatin, TN

Many Final Placement Solutions After Funeral and Cremation in Gallatin, TN

Gallatin TN Funeral Home And CremationsHendersonville Memory Gardens, Funeral Home & Cremation Center offers low-cost and high-quality cremation and burial placement options in Gallatin, TN and the nearby areas. As a family-owned business since 2003, we have served thousands of families and received high customer satisfaction reviews. We focus on the life lived and create uplifting life celebrations with you through our exclusive Legacy Gallery. Our goal is to collaborate in the creation of a meaningful life celebration service and permanent memorial that honors each individual's passions, career, family, and friends. Our cemetery will remain beautiful for generations to come, relieving a burden on you and your loved ones. Give us a call at (615) 824-3855 at a time that is convenient for you, we will talk with you to begin planning the most appropriate life tribute for your family and your loved one. 

Depending on how the deceased's body is prepared for disposition, some different solutions are potentially available. Whether you are going with traditional burial service options or combining funeral and cremation in Gallatin, TN, you'll need to decide what makes sense for the final placement of the deceased remains.

Burial: Did you know burial is possible for both cremated and casketed remains? You can purchase urn plots for the encased ashes' final resting place. Full-size burial plots can be purchased in groups if you want your whole family to be buried near one another. Some establishments also offer above-ground burials with mausoleums and columbarium structures for entombment.

Ash Scattering: Cremation gardens or sentimental outdoor settings make lovely and meaningful resting places where the ashes could be scattered over the earth. Some cemeteries offer space for ashen remains to be scattered in a designated area. It is essential to be aware of regulations and permissions that could be necessary for ash scattering to take place in some locations.

Preservation of Cremated Remains in Displayable Urns: One reason to choose cremation is that the remains could always be kept nearby. The cremated remains could be divided between multiple urns if more than one household would like to have the remains closed. This could be a long-term or a temporary solution.

Other Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cemetery or Memorial Park

The healing benefits of a permanent memorial are profound. As bereaved persons work through their grief and loneliness in the months and years after a loved one dies, having a place to visit can bring comfort when you need to feel close to this person. Even if you chose cremation and scattered the ashes in a different setting, consider having some type of monument or memorial erected somewhere that you can come back to as needed.

Along these lines, the location and setting of the burial are other things to consider. Ideally, it will be within travelling distance so that you can make visits as often as you wish. The setting is important too. This can be a healing and sacred space for many persons who visit. Will you be able to feel safe and comfortable coming back to this place as needed? Before you purchase a plot, that is an important thing to assess.

Perpetual care protection of burial grounds is mandated by law in many states but look into what is applicable in your area. A perpetual care fund essentially takes a percentage of the plot sales purchase price to save and invest in a trust fund which then can be used to care for the cemetery upkeep. A beautiful cemetery that is well maintained and orderly is possible for generations to come with these safeguards in place.

Work With a True Full-Service Funerary Firm

Hendersonville Memory Gardens, Funeral Home & Cremation Center can provide you with everything you need connecting to funeral and cremation in Gallatin, TN, including peacefully manicured cemeteries. Tours of our facilities and cemetery properties can be arranged at our office located at 353 E Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075. Call for our caring team's support at (615) 824-3855.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs 

1. Why should I consider pre-planning my funeral?

  • There are many reasons why you might consider pre-planning your funeral, including giving yourself peace of mind and relieving stress for your loved ones at what can be a difficult time. Some other benefits of funeral pre-planning include having more control over the service you want and being able to save money by locking in current prices. Learn more about pre-planning.

2. Why is perpetual care important?

  • Cemetery grounds require regular upkeep to ensure that gravesites, headstones, and other features are kept in good condition. The purpose of perpetual care is to provide funding for these ongoing costs so that families will not have to worry about future expenses related to their loved one's resting place. In addition to ensuring that cemeteries remain well maintained for current visitors, this also ensures that future generations will be able to enjoy the same benefits.

3. What are cemetery options available?

  • There are many different cemetery options available, and the best option for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Some common cemetery options include traditional ground burial, mausoleum entombment, and cremation. 


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