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Selecting Service Options Like a Funeral and Cremation in Hendersonville, TN

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Dedicated to providing outstanding service at the lowest possible cost. Hendersonville Memory Gardens, Funeral Home & Cremation Center offers everything you need from funeral and cremation services to cemetery options in Hendersonville, TN and the surrounding areas. Since 2003, we have provided the community the most beautiful and peaceful setting for their loved one’s life celebration and final resting place. Our mission is to co-create a meaningful life celebration service and permanent memorial which shares each person’s life’s passions, career, family, and friends. We have served thousands of families and received high customer satisfaction reviews. Come tour our beautiful funeral home and see why so many families have entrusted their loved ones to our care. Give us a call today at (615) 824-3855 for more information. 

Expected or not, saying goodbye to a loved one when they pass away is an excruciatingly painful experience. The closest living relatives are typically heavily involved with the final arrangements planning process related to services like funeral and cremation in Hendersonville, TN. You, and others close to you, could be responsible for making plans to lay your loved one to rest. The good news is that there are many possible solutions to meet varied financial, religious, cultural, or other needs.

Services for a Funeral: A funeral can be held as soon as arrangements can be pulled together, and the family is ready. There is typically an urgency with funeral services because the deceased's remains are an essential part of this service. Even though the process of decomposition can be significantly slowed through embalming, having the dead properly laid to rest is something that brings closure and peace of mind. Funerals offer an opportunity to pay final respects and extend love and support to the family and other mourners.

Honoring with Memorial Services: There are times when for one reason or another, having an honoring ceremony with the body present is just not desired, practical, or possible. In these cases, a memorial service is a beautiful way to reflect on the life that has been lived and honor the memory of the deceased. Memorials also work wonderfully if you simply need time to prepare and plan for these services. The body can be laid to rest or cared for via cremation in the meantime.

Cremation as an Alternative to Casket Burial: There are increasing concerns with casket burial from an environmental standpoint. In densely populated areas, burial space is minimal and sometimes cost-prohibitive. Some feel that our final footprint should be reduced and look for ways to avoid the burial of synthetic caskets and vaults and chemicals used for embalming. Cremation simply burns the deceased's remains until only a small collection of material is left. These are called ashes, and they don’t take up much space at all.

Why a Cemetery Can Help After Both a Funeral and Cremation in Hendersonville, TN

Whether you have decided to have a full-scale traditional funeral and burial or cremation to prepare the body for disposition, a cemetery can be helpful in both scenarios. Let’s take a look at how this can be:

Types of Burial Plots and Tombs: In cases of both funeral and cremation in Hendersonville, TN, the remains can be buried in a cemetery. After the funeral is completed, the body could be buried in-ground or above-ground in a structure like a mausoleum or a crypt. Cremated remains can also be buried in the earth in a plot usually known as an “urn plot.” Some cemeteries also have columbarium niches. These are small compartments in a building or wall designed to secure cremated remains.

Placing Cremated Remains: Aside from burial or entombing options, cremated remains could also be scattered or kept at home near surviving loved ones. These are deeply personal decisions that need not be made hastily or lightly. Ask about cemetery options for scattering ashen remains in cremation or memory gardens. Other sites can also be used for spreading cremated remains with appropriate permissions or permits in hand.

Permanent Memorialization: If you do decide to scatter the ashes, you may want to look into options for creating a permanent memorial to your loved one’s memory. Having a place to go to remember your loved one is an invaluable support for those who are deeply mourning a loss. Some cemeteries make spaces available for this type of monument.

A Few Other Things to Know When Selecting a Cemetery or Memorial Park

An integral part of this conversation is a location and setting that can be reached when desired. It is good to think about how comfortable you are visiting the cemetery or memorial park you are considering for the final disposition. This is potentially a place where you will often come to work out your feelings throughout your journey with grief.

Perpetual care funds make it possible for you to trust that long after you are gone, the cemetery and your loved one’s grave will still be cared for with respect and dignity. Find out all you can about the rules for the establishment you are looking at purchasing space in. This can help you avoid frustration and misunderstanding down the road regarding any stipulations about the headstone, burial vault, gravesite decorations, and visiting hours.

Call for Immediate Assistance from a Trusted Full-Service Funerary and Cremation Center

If you need to make plans for final arrangements like funeral and cremation in Hendersonville, TN, give the experienced and kindly professionals at Hendersonville Memory Gardens, Funeral Home & Cremation Center a call. With comprehensive service options and connections to many cemeteries, they can help you find what you need. Call (615) 824-3855 to learn more and see our facilities at 353 E Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

1. What are some things to consider when choosing a funeral home?

  • There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a funeral home. These may include things like location and convenience, costs, professional experience and expertise, and customer reviews. You should also make sure that any agreements or contracts are clearly laid out and that any warranties or guarantees are clearly stated. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the funeral home you choose has all of the necessary licensing and certification required by local and state regulations.

2. What should I include in the life celebration ceremony?

  • The beauty of a life celebration is that it can be customized to reflect your loved one's unique personality and values. However, there are some elements that are typically included in most ceremonies. For example, you may want to start with a moment of silence to honor your loved one's memory. You may also want to share personal stories and memories about your loved one, as well as readings or poems that were meaningful to them.

3. How do I choose a life celebrant?

  • When it comes to finding the right person to officiate your loved one's life celebration ceremony, it's important to look for someone who is experienced, compassionate, and understanding. A good life celebrant will take the time to get to know you and your family, so they can create a service that truly reflects your loved one's life and values. 


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