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Published: July 4, 2022
by Admin

When friends or family are coping with loss, it is challenging to think of what to do or say to offer your support and sympathy. Everyone copes with death in different ways, and this can make it tough to choose the right way to express your support. Whether you visit the funeral homes in Gallatin, TN or you send a home-cooked casserole dish to their home, there are a few different ways to express condolences after a friend suffers from the loss of a loved one.

Send Flowers

One of the most popular ways to express condolences is to send flowers. Often times, obituaries will list the funeral home or church that is receiving flowers for the funeral of the deceased. Sending flowers is also a great way to avoid coming up with the right thing to say, because the flowers say it all without the need for any words.

Visit the Family

Depending on your relationship with those grieving, it may be best for you to arrange a time to visit them. A visit can give you the opportunity to check on how they are doing and offer them any assistance in their home. You may offer to perform basic household tasks to help them get through the days after the death, or you may just be there for a shoulder to lean on during the difficult transition.

Go to the Viewing or Funeral

It is customary to attend a viewing or funeral to show your support for the grieving. Making an appearance at the arranged hours for a viewing also makes it convenient for you to offer condolences without imposing on their private time. A funeral also provides you with an opportunity to say goodbye to those who have passed.

Make or Send Food

Many people may struggle to maintain an appetite or find the energy to cook meals as they cope with grief. Offer to make meals or send food to help them in the days after their loved one’s passing. This simple gesture shows that you are there for them in every way possible, and it will not go unnoticed.

Donate Money

Some families will request donations in lieu of flowers. When you see these messages, you should donate money in support of whatever cause the family has chosen to show support and love for the deceased.

Send a Card or Sympathy Message

When you cannot show your support in person, you can also send a card showing your sympathy to the grieving. These messages are short and sweet, but they are impactful in making them feel less alone throughout the process. Grief can be lonely. Being surrounded by cards of support and sympathy can help the grieving to feel more support from those around them. These are just a few ways that you can express your sympathy and condolences after a loved one is gone. Your sympathy and support can be felt no matter how small the gesture. If you are looking for grief support during a difficult time or have recently dealt with the death of a loved one, contact our funeral homes in Gallatin, TN today. Contact us now.



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